Angioprim Statements


Cardio Renew Inc. would like to sincerely apologize to all that have been affected by the misleading and false information published by Angioprim. Although we have tried to ignore these attempts to discredit us, we now feel that it is necessary to respond to these completely false accusations.

The owner of Cardio Renew Inc. was a former partner that helped start Angioprim. As time progressed and the business started to evolve, major differences between the partners made it apparent that it was time to dissolve the business relationship, which unfortunately happens sometimes in business. Obviously, Tom from Angioprim is still very bitter and chooses to propagate untruthful information about Cardio Renew, it's product, personnel and business practices. Although we feel that public mud slinging is very unprofessional and unethical, we are now in the position that we must defend ourselves from these blatant and ridiculous statements being made.

Here are a few examples of what Angioprim has published about Cardio Renew. Basic logic, reasoning and common sense alone negate their comments. We encourage you to consider the following:

Cardio Renew is 100% pure liquid EDTA (Cardio Renew Product Info), no other ingredients. Angioprim states their product consists of: Caysine, Lysine & Cystine (Angioprim Ingredients). How can Cardio Renew be an "INCOMPLETE Knock-Off"? We do not use or claim to use any components that are in Angioprim.

“A former salesman for Angioprim stole what he thought was the formula” (Angioprim Questions - last question). If any company truly had a proprietary formula, would they let "sales" people, or anyone for that matter, have access to it? Their ingredients are listed on their website. Again, Cardio Renew does not contain anything that Angioprim claims is in their product – we use only pure liquid EDTA .

Cardio Renew is contacting Angioprim's Reps to get them to “switch” and sell the Cardio Renew product (Angioprim January 2007 Newsletter ~ Cached Version). Please excuse the slanderous language. Cardio Renew has never had an Affiliate or Rep program. So, we are allegedly trying to recruit “Reps” to get them to join a Rep Program that we do not have - ? Cardio Renew never contacts anyone without a formal request, not even our own customers. We also do not sell, trade or give away any customer information to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

“Angioprim prides itself on being upright and forthright with our clients.” “You have our promise that WE will continue to practice our business dealings in an honorable manner.Please consider the following:

  • This is coming from a company that created the “American Heart Council” (Read Article) and “American Diabetes Council” (Read Article) which were promoted as independent, nonprofit health organizations. You decide their true intentions.
  • Angioprim claims that they have been in business for over 12 years. Yet in December of 2005 "Angioprim Realizes 2nd Year of Continued Success" (Angioprim December 2005 Newsletter).
  • Claiming the inventor of their formula is a “Bio-molecular Scientist”. (How Angioprim was created) - ?
  • When offering customer “testimonials / referrals ” (Customer Info), you contact their Reps. Do you think that you're going to receive a honest, unbiased review of their product from someone that is receiving monetary incentives and rewards to promote Angioprim?
  • Claiming Angioprim is "20 times faster acting and more effective than IV treatment" (Under "Fast" Paragraph) - ?
  • Claiming to use an ingredient called "CAYSINE". There is no such amino acid. Research it, the only information available leads back to Angioprim.

Again, we want to sincerely apologize for the misleading and false information that is being propagated by Angioprim. We are truly sorry that we have been placed in a position where we feel we must respond, in order to protect the integrity of our company and product. We do not begrudge competition, we will not make slanderous statements about other companies and we will not be deceptive of what is in our product and it's effectiveness. We are a small, honest, family run business, selling a quality product, that we believe will help people improve their health.

Please, do not take our word alone, do your own due diligence.

If you have any questions or want to speak to someone about this at Cardio Renew, please call us at: 800-578-1215. We also encourage you to speak to Angioprim as well about their statements.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Cardio Renew Inc.